Non-Slip Cozy Hospital Socks by HUGGA


These fuzzy, calf-length socks are like warm hugs for your feet and legs. Every pair features silicon buttons on the bottom to prevent slipping. Made with the plushest cotton and designed to last, these socks will likely remain a favorite long after the hospital stay is over.


95% Polyester

5% Spandex

The HUGGA Difference


At HUGGA, we’re on a mission to bring the feeling of home to patients during their hospital stay. That’s why in addition to our hypoallergenic Hospital Gowns, cozy Hospital Robes, and Fleece Lined Cancer Beanies, we’ve created hospital grip socks designed to give your loved one the warmth and comfort they deserve during recovery.

Yonathan’s fuzzy socks are calf-length hospital grip socks designed to feel like warm hugs on your loved one’s feet. These hospital slipper socks feature silicone buttons on the bottom to prevent slipping and plush cotton to keep feet warm and cozy against the cold, hard hospital floor.