Post-Surgery Recovery Pillows from Restore You



Therapeutic Support for Restorative Sleep

Sleep in the comfort of your own bed and obtain the proper support you need to receive a restorative night’s sleep with this innovative wedge pillow. 


Sleep Deprivation is the number one problem in recovery and exacerbates every aspect of your recovery. There is overwhelming evidence the quality of your sleep is the most important aspect in your recovery process. Ensuring you get the proper quantity and quality of sleep will do more to improve your recovery process than any other thing you can do.

Obtain the benefits of a wedge for drainage with the Restore You – therapeutic support wedge pillow. 

The flat top of the support allows you to place your head in a more natural position than a typical wedge allows. 

The side arm supports keeps your arms above and off your chest allowing you to breathe easier and more effectively. They also keep you from rolling around. 

The side supports provide you with a cuddly feeling and this helps you from moving around at night allowing you to sleep more soundly. 

We’re proud of our Restore You – therapeutic support and confident you will love it too.

Our patients are averaging 6-8 hours of sleep per night and awaking with little or no pain. All of this results in a shorter recovery period and allows our patients to get back to their lives quicker.